Luca Borgogni Architects

Luca Borgogni Architects is based in Siena and is involved in the restoration and valorisation of historic residences and prestigious buildings with a humanistic and organic approach in total harmony with the existing buildings and sustainability. The studio is known by an international clientele for important restoration projects of villas, farmhouses, palaces and a variety of interventions on museums, religious buildings, and wineries.


Luca Borgogni Architects believes in building sustainable, environmentally friendly and durable architecture, and is committed to leaving a legacy of quality design both in terms of sensory experience of space and its contribution to the environment. Luca Borgogni has worked both in Italy and abroad developing a solid experience and a multicultural vision of approach to architecture and restoration.

Luca Borgogni Architects

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At Studio Borgogni we have accumulated more than 20 years of consistent experience across a wide variety of projects. We have a proven track record of delivery of private and public projects and have the resources and experience to deliver a project of different type, size, complexity and budget both on time and within budget.

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