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Luca Borgogni believes in building sustainable, humane, lasting architecture, and is committed to leaving a legacy of quality design both in terms of sensorial experience of space, and contribution to the urban environment. We believe Architecture exists in time, place and space. Each time is different, each place has its own opportunities and challenges, and so each space must respond uniquely. Our approach to design is from a holistic architectural perspective in order to create lasting spaces to match the scale of the buildings’ life-span.

Designing a flexible modern architectural space is challenging. To build and make it happen in Italy is not easy. To end up with a building that represents the best of contemporary culture is a wonderful stimulating challenge where the past and present come together to create a unique alchemy. We understand and can create the contemporary space, we have the background to navigate through “Italian waters” and make things happen, and last but not least we have sufficient international experience and open sightedness to exclude provincial fads and present the best of architectural and cultural aspects.

Luca Borgogni Architects


At Studio Borgogni we have accumulated more than 20 years of consistent experience across a wide variety of projects. We have a proven track record of delivery of private and public projects and have the resources and experience to deliver a project of different type, size, complexity and budget both on time and within budget. During his career Luca Borgogni has worked both in Italy and Australia and he has worked for both Italian and foreign clients.

The delivery of a completed building is a complex process. At Studio Borgogni we have a sound understanding of the intricate Italian bureaucracy, and of Italian contracts, with extensive local experience, that ensures the capability of delivery of a quality project. Our studio has a proven track record in the completion of both public and private building projects
on time and within budget.

Luca Borgogni himself has a vast professional knowledge of private residential projects. He also has experience of a wide range of public projects, and projects in sensitive protected heritage environments. The client base of Studio Borgogni is mixed and has expanded and now works for many foreigners investing in the luxury property market in Italy. We have recently completed a long list of stunning private residences for a vast array of clients from different countries. Luca is very proud to announce his most recent and without a doubt his most prestigious commission. After a very intense selection process he has been awarded
the complete restoration and transformation of the Villa Reale di Marlia Estate into a unique five star luxury hotel complex complete with Italian renaissance garden and park.

Luca Borgogni Architects

Client Satisfaction and Collaboration

We pride ourselves on our high level of responsiveness to our clients and the delivery of a functional brief. Over the years, we have created an excellent client/architect rapport by being accessible, establishing good lines of communication and careful analysis of a client’s needs and requirements. The evidence of such skills is demonstrated by the fact that most of our new clients come to us on the basis of solid references and former clients’ recommendations.

Every new project brings together a new team comprised of the client, the architect and other consultants. We pride ourselves on strong collaboration, communication, negotiation and skills that enable us to effectively work together with the relevant authorities to carry the project through from conception to completion.

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