• Luxury apartment in Florence


Facts & Figures

Project: Residential

Where: Firenze, Tuscany

Completion: 2015


The apartment is located on the second floor of a highly prestigious historic Florentine palazzo located on the Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli in Florence. The views towards the Arno River allow the best appreciation of the unparalleled panorama that embraces, from Ponte Vecchio to Ponte Santa Trinita, the most beautiful palaces and monuments of the city.

Based on the direct experience gained from the inspection, the development of the renovation project was arrived at by setting as fundamental guidelines the preservation and enhancement of the overlooks, the rationalization and optimization of the spaces and general distributional organization, and the use of selected materials and quality finishes for the interior furnishings and decorations.

As a source of inspiration for the design, it was enough to look a little further: the marvelous rooms of the Lungarno Collection Hotels of the Ferragamo Group influenced the design of the rooms and furnishings as well as the entire city of Florence, with its priceless treasures and works of art, has always given unique and inimitable suggestions and atmospheres.

The design proposal synthesizes and amalgamates seemingly contrasting suggestions and solutions: classic style blends with modern design, local architectural tradition marries with contemporary international taste in a harmony of shapes and colors that enhances the original identity of the places and simultaneously proposes cosmopolitan visions.

The sober and minimal design of the spaces and surfaces dialogues with precious details and fine materials; the transparency and solemnity of the large windows is confronted with the refined decorations and furnishings; the neutral hues of the vestments and fixtures meet the warmth of the wood of the parquet, extended to the entire surface of the apartment.

The organization of the rooms follows the current design, improving it and increasing the overall livability and enjoyability of the home. The living area (living room, dining room, kitchen, study), facing the River, is divided according to more correct and balanced proportions while the sleeping area (bedrooms, bathrooms), facing the inner courtyard of the building, is articulated into several rooms preserving natural ventilation and lighting.

In parallel with the reorganization of the space and the renovation of the decorations and furniture, the total replacement of the systems is planned using more suitable and efficient solutions. The study of artificial lighting is of great importance, on a par with the analysis of aero-illuminant ratios and solar exposure: considerable care is taken in the design of the lighting system to emphasize and enhance the peculiarities of the residence.

Refinement, balance between classic and modern, rationalization and optimization of the existing are, in a nutshell, the cornerstones of the design approach for this prestigious Florentine apartment.

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